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on liberation, war, and what “10%” really means

an essay by Lexi Summer Hale

let’s talk about numbers for a minute.

per the last statistics i read on the subject years ago, surveys show that around 10% of americans would feel positively about a communist takeover of the country. (yes, really.) so, ten percent. not much, right?

the population of the united states is around three hundred million. ten percent of three hundred million is 30 million. that’s about the size of Chongqing, the largest city in the world by population. larger than Shanghai, Beijing, and New York, to say nothing of San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland combined. imagine if that many people were willing to interrupt their lives and come together somewhere to build socialism on their own terms. well, that would never work, would it? the US government would crush them, like it always does.

except — let’s talk about armies. the US military is one of the largest in the world, second only to China and India. the US has around 1.5 million active-duty personnel, with a further 800 thousand in reserve. now, most of these are not what we’d think of as “soldiers” proper — not many of them see front-line combat. 99% of the killing is done by 1% of the forces, as they say. make no mistake, these men and women are absolutely vital to the working of the military machine — brass, specialists, linguists, engineers, technicians, IT staff, you name it — and they may know how to take orders and handle a gun, but they’ve never actually been blooded, and that makes a real difference; perhaps the biggest difference of all.

so let’s say that only 10% of our brave new Reds are willing to actually take up arms for the Revolution. that’s still THREE MILLION FUCKING PEOPLE. that’s largest than the largest active-duty army on Earth, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. that’s more than half the number of soldiers who died fighting for Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. sure, they’re not all hardened soldiers — but given how high a number that is there’s likely to be some vets among them sick and tired of risking their lives for bourgeois greed who are willing to take charge and teach a new generation of young soldiers to fight for what’s actually right. that’s not just an active-duty army of three million, with who knows how many reservists, but an army with twenty-seven million civilians to grow their food and build their tanks and make their ammunition. that is a substantial fighting force and a substantial power base to build on. and while unblooded young cadets are not exactly skilled, reliable fighters, even if only another ten percent of that three million was able to face the fire of combat and walk away unburned, that’s still three hundred thousand suitable combatants. the US military is big, but it’s unwieldy. it’s sprawled all over the earth. it’s corrupt. it has fewer killers than it likes to pretend. and it’s designed for imperialism abroad, not quelling insurrections at home. if you can teach your three million fighters to take orders, fire a gun, and put a real vet in charge of leading them into battle? your casualties will be a lot higher than the enemy’s to start with, but in the long run, you’ve got a solid chance that numbers and entropy will do the work for you. there’s no guarantees, of course — but it’s a real chance.

it will never happen. we all know this. and it will never happen precisely because the United States government & elites knew this was a threat since the dawn of the last century and has been conducting sweeping campaigns of memetic & social engineering to immunize themselves. they’re happy to permit widespread civilian firearm ownership, feeling perfectly secure in their power because they know that guns don’t make an army. LEADERS make an army, and the american people have been carefully conditioned from birth to be as cripplingly individualistic as possible without too greatly detracting from their ability to be productive Fungible Labor Units. the seed of anarchism has been well sown: the US military maintains a monopoly on real leadership and seems to be the only institution still capable of burning real discipline into the American psyche. as long as it has that, it will be unchallengeable from within. americans are incapable of escaping their solipsistic factionalism, their schismatic self-aggrandizement, their inability to differentiate between leadership and exploitation, between authority and power. they have been successfully brainwashed to believe that anyone with authority is by definition evil, to feel inferior and diminished by the act of obeying orders, and so seek an impossible world free of hierarchy. anti-authoritarianism is simply a memetic weapon by which the satanic oligarchs of this earth cling to power.

wars are not won by clever strategy and small, heroic teams of stubborn ne’er-do-wells defying their idiot leaders to do the right thing. they are not won by superheroes. they are not won by individuals. they are won by millions upon millions of people collectively deciding that something matters more than their own lives and comfort, shutting up and taking orders and pulling triggers and dying in agony. they are won by unglamorous, desperate work that no one should have to do. they are won by utterly selfless people who are willing to give their only life in the mere hope that another’s may be bettered by it.

i could never do that. you probably couldn’t either. we were all raised to be incapable of precisely this sacrifice, to value ourselves and our own existence above anything else in the universe (except, of course, Muh Liberties). in early days of the 20th century, causes worth dying for were to be found at every corner. now, it’s rare to even be willing to die for your own husband or wife, your own children.

i’m not gonna bullshit you or try to pretend there is some kind of wondrous manly glory in war. it sucks, it really fucking does. the best propaganda is often the truth: war is unfair, it’s cruel, it’s unbelievably hideous and miserable and the people who come back from it are never the same. nobody should ever have to go through that hell, and it is a grievous injustice for a man to ever be compelled to so sacrifice his being. these are indisputable facts. they also don’t matter. because the alternative is mind-numbingly worse.

things will not improve for the human race until some sufficient minority of us regains its fighting spirit, decides it’s willing to die horribly in the dirt and rain and muck to rip the bourgeois parasites from our collective neck into which they have too long embedded their fangs. decides it’s willing to give up everything for a future it will never see, so that no one else ever has to.

in the greatest of history’s ironies, only war will ever succeed in abolishing war. and so the american “left” will remain tepid and ineffectual until the empire crumbles into dust, leaving nothing to show for the absurd wealth of resources it has unjustly gobbled up save for ruined hive-cities full of suffering and a body count to rival Hitler’s own.