hi. you've reached ʞ.cc, the "professional" home of lexi hale on the web. here you can find a choice selection of science fiction, fantasy, surreal horror, diatribes, jeremiads, and other writing.

my main project at the moment is Spirals, a collection of sci-fi serials set in the small but increasingly unstable galaxy of Haven. Spirals is part social fiction, part problematic lesbian smut, that explores culture clash, trauma and healing, power, submission, and clashes between deeply alien value systems. you can find an introduction to the setting at Overture, and if lesbian smut is your thing, you might also be interested in the Blood in the Water series, my tentative foray into high fantasy. it follows a deeply traumatized girl in her fight to survive a fascist theocracy, and features shameless romanticism, poor sexual ethics, and vampires.

i care a lot about fighting the trend of cynicism, satire, and aloofness that has marked a lot of contemporary media, so i try very hard to take my own work seriously and approach writing from a place of sincerity and originality. i don’t really like comedy or satire so you won’t find much of it here. most of my writing is intended as communist propaganda escapism — providing visions of worlds that, while they have plenty of their own problems, are disconnected from the problems of our own. worlds where we can take a break from the all-too-familiar spectres of misogyny and homophobia that haunt our real lives.

my writing is also intended to be a reference point — to offer readers language, archetypes, and metaphors for patterns our culture doesn’t make allowances for or have a way of describing yet, and models for interpersonal relationships beyond the stale and insufficient set western cultures offer.

there’s also a great deal of older writing that i host here, including a selection of the essays i’ve published over the years. i also operate a few twitter microfiction accounts that have their own websites, Approved News 6 and Substation 77. if you find anything you like, you may want to subscribe to my newsletter. i’m also going to add an RSS feed at some point.

finally, i have a few simple proofs-of-concept demonstrating abuse of programming or layout languages, which are listed on the essays page.

i’m always eager to hear from readers and you can find me on twitter or pleroma.site as @velartrill if you have anything you feel like sharing, questions you’d like to ask, or if you spot any plot holes that need fixing. i’m also usually on IRC at OFTC, where i run a few small channels, so you can /msg velartrill if you’d like to correspond with me there or want my XMPP contact details.

thanks for visiting and i hope you find something here worth your interest!

tracking notice: i use a very simple tracking mechanism to keep tabs on what pages of my site are being accessed. the stylesheet uses an @import directive to ping a remote server i control. it records your user agent, IP, and referrer only. there is no javascript involved, and absolutely no data is conveyed to foreign sites - all i'm interested in is what you're reading, so i can tell what people are interested and what series i should focus on developing. if you choose to disable this tracker, please drop me a note if you find anything on this site you would like to read more of!