hey guess what

you can totally use checkboxes to implement state in css+html.


all these examples?


100% certified javascript-uncontaminated.

Villain: Hero:

The DuchessDuke slammed the door open, herhis face a portrait of rage. Our heroinehero, smirking smugly and swathed in herhis trademark jaunty purple breeches, gold doublet, and roguishly-angled hat, beamed winningly.

"Trouble at court, DuchessDuke?" shehe quipped saucily.

Purple with fury, the DuchessDuke shook a meaty fist. "I'll get you next time, DameSir Dashington-Smythe!" shehe roared.

i mean, you probably shouldn't

but you can

this atrocity against nature brought to you by Lexi Summer Hale, proud perverter of the natural order