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on premeditated Americide, last hope of humanity

a rant by Lexi Summer Hale

i am genuinely considering voting for trump as a “fuck you” to the establishment and in hopes of hurrying the impending imperial collapse on as quickly and tidily as possible.

trump is not who i wanted to vote for. i wanted to vote for bernie sanders, the one last hope the federal government might have had of yanking the reins and turning the lurching American horror-beast intentionally in a mildly less vampiric and ecocidal direction. a man who could offer a faint glimmer of hope of some form of survival both for the American people and for life on earth.

but we don’t get that choice. we get to choose between donald trump, and joe fucking biden.

that is, a choice between Americide — and omnicide.

because biden represents a threat of stretching out the lifespan of the federal state long enough to do real harm to the fabric of the world itself. voting for Sleepy Joe would be a hateful and spiteful middle finger to absolutely everyone who wants some hope of having, someday, a good and happy life, by polluting and almost totally undermining their chance of ever doing so, and by imperiling the hope that their children will have a world to inhabit at all.

trump is the guy who’s gonna be riding the atom bomb all the way to the ground, whipping his cowboy hat around and hollering “YEE-HAW!”. with Orange Man in office, things will continue to get very bad for america, very quickly, unsustainabilities will pile up, and the empire will finally crumble seemingly overnight. Sleepy Joe doesn’t have the power to avert collapse, of course. no one does at this point. in fact, this vote may very well turn out to be wholly symbolic, if we are incredibly fortunate, depending entirely on how fast things move. but biden may be given the power to make the collapse more prolonged, to delay it and forestall the cleansing fires.

the corpse of the united states is kept tottering and thrashing along by the frantic spells of a thousand desperate necromancers each spilling the blood of a hundred innocents a day for their gruesome and degenerate rituals. in the next few years, that corpse will either come crashing to the ground, crushing millions beneath its rotting carapace, the radioactive smegma of oil and shit that has come to replace its blood leaking out to befoul the landscape, but finally ceasing its transcontinental campaign of permaslaughter — or it will continue to totter on, sucking up the blood of billions in its vampiric odyssey, its deranged quest to devour the entire world, shit it all out again, and sell the feces to its victims for a profit.

the second possibility is unimaginable. it carries a very real threat of totally unraveling global human civilization, either through ecological collapse, nuclear war, or some novel means of spite we’ve yet to imagine.

at worst? it means omnicide.

at best? it means suffering on a tremendous scale, a scale that is difficult if not impossible to enscope within a frail human consciousness, that will be extended and amplified. maybe for a year. maybe for two years, three years, five years. maybe a decade if we’re really unlucky, because another decade of being America’s prison bitch would unravel the world in an energy crisis that Europe and Asia might otherwise have some hope of a (relatively) soft wind-down from, tho billions will assuredly perish no matter what simply because there is, in simple and brutal thermodynamic terms, no physical mechanism as yet accessible to our civilization to support a population of eight billion without vast supplies of oil — and agriculture has bred itself into a corner with monocultures, to say nothing of optimizing for yield over ruggedness. the only thing that could save us would be dramatic improvements in solar energy capture or fusion tech and development of cheap, practical lithium-free energy storage technology, both just barely this side of science fiction, and it would take a scientific miracle to pull off either in time. if anything saves us, it'll probably be hydrogen fuel cells, but i'm not betting on it. especially because if the Americans are still around, they will never permit Europe to put the survival of humanity ahead of the wealth of oil and lithium profiteers.

there was never any hope of a wind-down in the US. the country’s dependence on oil is written into its DNA and it does not have the kind of infrastructure that could be converted to use electricity even if capitalism was capable of making that investment in its future. hundreds of millions will starve, because there will be no way to produce much food anymore, and what little is left, there won’t be any way to get it to them, and they’ll all be stuck in one place, many unable even to make it to the nearest grocery store anyway. even if the ongoing descent into anarcho-tyranny and the escalating anti-white, anti-asian racial violence and brianwashing doesn’t manage to completely shatter the country, america will only have bought itself a bit of time — when our number is finally up (and we’re talking a question of decades, maybe years at this point) the oil crash will grip america by either shoulder and rip it contemptuously apart; this is inextricably foredestined and there is simply no getting around it. the speed, violence, and brutality of that event will be unlike anything the world has ever seen. it will make the coronavirus pandemic look like a child prodding a skyscraper with a stick. it will make the fall of the USSR look like a young healthy man lying down for a nap on a well-cushioned bed.

but if the US is allowed to continue its obscene, mocking mimicry of life in the meantime, it will continue guzzling oil like there’s no tomorrow (because there won’t be) and it will keep the rest of the world trapped in its economies of eternal consumption until we’re all dead. “if i can’t have the world, no one will” — so goes america’s promise.

mercifully the odds of biden managing to prolong the collapse that long are small to begin with. frankly i think that’s beyond anyone’s power right now. but even if my educated guesses were particularly reliable, we still couldn’t take the chance.

because even if the world ultimately survives the prolongment of the american nightmare, it will do damage to the remaining bastions of humanity (Europe in particular, which lacks e.g. China’s rigorous state protections against cultural debasement or the Japanese dedication to their basic values) from which we may never recover.

our humanity, the very soul of our species, is at stake here. Moloch is unchained and he roams the hellscape freely, sin raging in its purest and most cataclysmic form — and biden wants to shovel the corpses of the downtrodden into the bloated monster’s mouth, trying desperately to keep it alive with what will prove to be its last meal.

and i can’t. i just can’t. i cannot vote for him. he may be a senile idiot but he’s nowhere near as destructive as trump — biden will actually listen to his advisors, and they’ll keep fueling the fires of this nightmare with blood.

so i cannot do it. one way or another, i cannot do it.

if i voted for that ghoul i would live in abject disgust of myself for the rest of my existence, and i would welcome the fires of hell as just atonement for a sin of such magnitude.

not because he’s a creep. not because He’s A Rapist®!¹ not because he’s a senile idiot (really, that’s one of his cardinal virtues at this point!).

it’s because i cannot justify, for any imaginable reason, the continual crime against humanity, against life itself, that is America.

i cannot countenance the enduring wound to the collective psyche of humanity that a biden presidency would inflict merely because it might make it easier for some transgender person from the US to get their name changed or bc Americans would get slightly cheaper healthcare for a while. trump offers us the hopes of a speedy imperial euthanasia. biden offers us the dread of an unnaturally prolongated decline.

were we in ordinary times, trump would be anathema to near everything i believe in. mostly because i believe in anything at all, and trump is a deranged huckster, a bourgeois con artist, an homuncular personification of inarticulate rage and subhuman inadequacy. what little consistent policy he can articulate disgusts me (it’s not that he never says anything i like the sound of, but he's invariably lying when he does); his corruption beggars belief; his various swamp-dwelling appointees deserve without exception to be taken out and shot.

but the alternative is biden.

so if i can vote for either of them, it’s trump. he may be a bog monster but at least the rest of the swamp is (hysterically) afraid of him.

most likely i just won’t vote at all. the choice is sickening, and my state is unlikely to swing red.

postscript: i did end up trying to vote for Trump, but the state of Washington, in a laudable demonstration of the integrity and unimpeachable moral superiority of the blue-state election apparatus, ate my absentee ballot.

1) he’s probably not a rapist.
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