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This is a list of common words in the major languages of the Haven galaxy, as well as notes on how to pronounce those languages.
  1. Ranuir (Society)
  2. Zia Ţai (Empire)
  3. Thalishte (Union)


The engineered language of the Society of Worlds.



-a direct object (accusative) case marker
-ar plural marker
-i 1. on nouns, marks the genitive case; 2. on verbs, marks the subjunctive mood.
-it locative marker
-at adlocative marker
-e on verbs, marks the indicative mood.
-im on verbs, marks a direct order, carrying the weight of the speaker's formal role and authority within the Society's hierarchy. not to be used lightly.


an neutral first person pronoun
elen submissive first person pronoun
cas hope.
nil peace.
tal part, element, component.
tar humility, knowing one's proper place and duties.
ran the native name for the Society.
rad facility.
rantal a commune, the basic unit of civilian settlements in the Society. Under normal circumstances a rantal has no more than 1,024 residents.
rantash a full citizen. used as a form of address equivalent to "comrade."
shal star, sun.
shev protection.
Shevran the internal security service charged with maintaining the culture and norms of the Society and protecting its people from administrative malfeasance.
sil light.
sov unarmed combat.
sovrad an training facility for unarmed combat.
Sovran the distinct style of martial arts practiced by the Society.
teg mountain.
tel planet.
uir language.
val dominant/assertive first person pronoun
var literally "shadow," figuratively connotating a relationship of dominance and submission. the concept var expresses is complex and tightly interwoven with core Society ideology. in short, var is the relationship between a superior (varin) and an inferior (selin or more specifically varir), the duty of loving care and protection on one hand, and the duty of obedience and respect on the other.
varlas the most basic role in the Shevran, a varlas is fully trained in combat and ideology, but has no specific responsibilities and may be assigned to guard duty or overt actions. a varlas has no specialist skills and does not serve in a leadership role except over non-Shevran personnel.
vartash a "guardian;" an older member of a cohort assigned to take care of and protect a younger member identified as having social and/or mental health difficulties.

Zia Ţai

The language of the Zyahua (zia hua) people, and the official language of the Empire, in which the Zyahua are an ethnic majority.


The phonology of Zia Ţai is very alien relative to English and the orthography is relatively complex, so pronunciations are simply shown next to individual words.


Note: Imperial words require special "singulative markers" to indicate that a noun does not refer to a collective or unspecified number. Where relevant, the appropriate singulative is listed in parentheses.

dzèiņ [dzəjɳ] 1. the color green; 2. (slang) the Society; Society citizens.
dzèiņ lèu [dzəjɳ ləw] (slang) a female Society citizen.
dzèiņ şai [dzəjɳ sˠɑj] (slang) a male Society citizen.
fi dua şai [fiː dwɑ sˠɑj] (derogatory) a male homosexual.
La [lɑ] (collective form only) God, as it exists dispersed into the souls of the living.
ngai (lèu) [ŋɑj (ləw)] a wife, a head of household.
phan (şai) [fˠɑɳ (sˠɑj)] a husband, a man married to a head of household.
sèing [səjŋ] "opium;" more precisely, the hydromorphone content of the opium vine.
zèņ (lèu) [zəɳ (ləw)] a wife, woman married to a head of household.


The common language of the Thalisan Union.



ashtisa a physical community of no more than 128 people; the basic political unit of Thalisan society, roughly analogous to a Society rantal.
ashtisea a member of one's ashtisa, a neighbor.
mpare the digital network that connects the entire Union, hosting virtual communities and worlds.
mparisa a person's community of choice, as connected through the mpare.
mparisea a friend, prototypically someone met through the mpare by way of shared interests.
nsheth the physical universe, as distinct from the mpare.
mroqa a unit of time, on the order of days.
riaqa a unit of time, on the order of minutes.