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People can be so hypocritical. SJWs just *love* writing long, impenetrable, rambling screeds about “agency” and respecting people’s boundaries, but as soon as a person makes the decision to end their life, regardless of the circumstances, these same people will immediately stop pretending they give a damn about agency and boundaries and try to intervene, to keep somebody alive against her wishes.

The argument these people keep making is something along the lines of “but but but it could get better maybe somehow idk you figure it out that’s not my job bye.” And like, I’m somebody who almost committed suicide a couple times. Yes, things are better now than they were then, and it would be easy for someone to go “see good thing you didn’t kill yourself, huh?” Which is just completely fucking incoherent. My feelings at the time were valid, and they haven’t become less valid because my life has changed. There was never some immutable path of history that was going to exist and that I’d be “jumping off” by killing myself; it was not inevitable that things would get better. They could just have easily have gotten a lot worse. Maybe I’m unusual in this, but I just don’t have any particular feelings one way or another about my decision to stay alive.

Do you know why suicide is as demonized as it is? Why a culture full of people who profit from your suffering and starvation would care so very much about you not killing yourself, at the same time they’re drowning you in medical bills? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not because deep down they’re good and caring people or some maudlin bullshit like that.

Suicide in demonized because the ruling class in America isn’t stupid. They know the majority of people live in untenable, traumatic conditions, and that a whole lot of us have plenty of reason to want out. What would happen to the rich and powerful if the poor and oppressed opted out of life? The upper classes would stop having people to build their mansions and eat at their restaurants and do all the dirty little jobs they don’t want to.

The upper class in the US has achieved functional omnipotence over society. There is no longer a viable means by which their power can even be challenged, yet alone destabilized, except one. Their power relies on us continuing to exist to serve them, and ultimately the rich can’t stop us from taking our own lives the way they can stop us from violently rebelling.

And so there comes the doctrine that your life is not your own possession, that it’s the property of the state, to be used and disposed of as it sees fit, whether or not you consent to it. In that paradigm, suicide is theft. Our masters don’t oppose suicide because they care about us, they oppose it because they don’t want us taking away their property.

The point of this rant is basically: if somebody decides to end their life, fucking respect their decision.