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The door to Taracuele’s room clicked open, and Tara opened an eye. In the shadows, she saw the dim, gracile outline of Hayochi’s body against the light from the hallway.

“It’s been a hell of a day,” said Tara weakly.

“Not now, mistress,” said Hayochi, her voice trembling. The door clicked shut and Tara heard the sound of fabric against skin, as the elf slid out of her tunic. “Tomorrow. We’ll talk tomorrow. Okay?”

Tara’s eyes lit up with dim golden light, bathing the room in a gentle glow that carressed the elf’s naked body. She smiled.

“All right. Tomorrow.”

Hayochi straddled her and covered her eyes with a hand, snuffing the light. “It’s dark for a reason,” she whispered, kissing Tara gently on the lips.

Tara closed her eyes, and let her other senses take over. She saw Hayochi not with sight, but with her soul, feeling the fire of her skin and her heart roaring and crackling against the chains that bound it into matter, the blood that flowed within her and carried her soul in her mortal form. She reached out a hand and caressed the elf’s chest, enjoying the expression on her face as she took her by the collar and pulled her gently closer.

“I love you,” she murmured, sitting up and taking Hayochi by the shoulders. She reached out through her soul, bringing her focus to bear on the elf’s body, forcing her wrists behind back with a strength her body would never possess. She heard Hayochi giggle in surprise.

“You’re feisty tonight.”

“I can’t make you do all the work, can I?” Tara sat back, folding her hands in her lap, and pinning the elf in place with an ease born of long practice.

“Mm. I’m okay with thaaahh!” Hayochi broke off mid-sentence, gasping and arching her back involuntarily as Tara pressed a gentle current of force along her clitoris. Tara smiled, and golden light sparked along the elf’s body, curling around her breasts.

“You know what’s odd?” said Tara, as she carressed Hayochi with bands of ematic force.

“Mmmhh,” muttered Hayochi.

“The country’s full of emators, and full of brothels, and yet I’ve never met a single whore who used emacy,” mused Tara.

“Th-they don’t teach emacy to slaves,” Hayochi managed, breaking off into a squeak as Tara gently pinched her nipples with a thin strand of light.

Tara nodded thoughtfully. “Maybe some of the free whores offer it. It’s not like I’ve ever been able to afford them. It’s certainly a lovely tool, isn’t it?”

Hayochi answered only with a moan.

Tara laughed. “Maybe that’s the work I should take up if the firecrafting doesn’t pan out.” She ran a hand along Hayochi’s chest, and kissed her gently. “I suppose I’d better keep in practice, just in case.”

“Now,” she added, smiling mischievously, and tenting her fingers in her lap. “Let’s get down to business.” There was an audible crackle of power and bright flare of gold light as Tara whipped a current of ematic force across the elf’s back, provoking a yelp. She smiled. “I love how sensitive you are. Human girls take so much more work.”

“Ahh, y-you’re evil,” gasped Hayochi. Another flash, brighter this time, and Hayochi cried out in pain, her body shuddering.

“Mm-hm,” agreed Tara, favoring her with a kiss, and strengthening the currents massaging the elf’s breasts. “At least, when I need to be.”